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Markets were shaken out of complacency in March, as the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, wiftly followed by Credit Suisse in Europe, sounded alarm bells and triggered a sudden repricing of core yields as bond volatility reached levels not seen since the Great Financial Crisis.  

Prompt reaction from key central banks showed they remember the lessons of past crises, but this time added concerns over growth and inflation make the challenge they face more difficult. How much of the unease over the banking sector is justified and we looking at a repeat of the 2008 global financial crisis? 

Swaha Pattanaik catches up with Monica Defend, Head of Amundi Institute, for their monthly discussion on what’s been going on in the markets. This month’s focus inevitably starts with the events of the past two weeks as we find out what this means for growth and interest rate expectations more broadly. They also explore which regions and asset classes investors should be focusing on at the moment.

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RC - Author - DEFEND Monica
Head of Amundi Institute & Chief Strategist
RC - Swaha Pattanaik
Head of Publishing and Digital Strategy