In the ever-evolving landscape of the insurance sector, many of the themes identified in 2023 continue to reverberate in 2024. Against a backdrop of slowing growth, high interest rates, geopolitical turmoil, environmental risks, as well as regulatory shifts, insurers are urged to take proactive measures to better position themselves to navigate the complexities of the investment landscape and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

In this second edition of the Insurance Insights, we introduce a bespoke framework allowing to integrate biodiversity-related risks into insurance portfolios. Additionally, we present two case studies that could inspire your investment decisions whether it is for monetizing excess cash or adjusting your bond portfolio strategy.

Insurance Thematics: Adapting to higher interest rates while optimizing prudential capital

Through a case study, we delve into the potential opportunities, in terms of both yield and capital efficiency, that can derive from the implementation of the matching adjustment mechanism proposed by some insurance regulations in a high-interest rate environment.

A response to interest rates rebound, while optimizing prudential capital
Adapting to higher interest rates while...

Insurance Investment Ideas: Capitalizing on aligned interests with banks to diversify revenue streams

In this article, we explore through a case study how the implementation of an innovative solution via a fund structure could enable insurers to unlock the premium stemming from the aligned interests between insurers and banks.

capitalizing on aligned interests with banks to diversify revenue streams
Capitalizing on aligned interests with banks...

Integrating biodiversity into portfolios: a bespoke framework

Recognizing biodiversity loss as a material risk for investors, including insurers, we introduce a bespoke ESG investment framework developed by Amundi’s teams enabling the integration of biodiversity considerations into portfolio construction.

The Market Effect of Acute Biodiversity Risk: the Case of Brazilian Corporate Bonds
Integrating biodiversity into portfolios:...


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