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Monthly Cross Asset 6.10.2021 Fixed Income markets: what will be key?

Eurozone and US sovereign bond markets have partially reversed the decline recorded over the summer.

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2021.07 - slider this month's topic
Monthly Cross Asset 2.07.2021 DM monetary policies are at a crossroads

Central banks have put in place ultra-accommodative monetary policiesto support economies during the Covid crisis.

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2021.06 - Blue Paper - US income inequality and inflation - Slider
Insights Paper 18.06.2021 Biden agenda: tackling income inequality and its potential inflation impact

The election of President Joe Biden has led to a turn in US government policy. This paper explores income and wealth inequality in the United States and President Biden’s policies aimed at addressing this issue, including his proposal of a corporate tax hike. We assess the likelihood of long-term success and, finally, the potential inflationary consequences.

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.06.2021 A post-Covid structural change in developed markets: the strong political will to invest in the US

What matters to fixed income investors is the macro-financial environment that will prevail after the strong rebound in growth and inflation expected in H2.

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Monthly Cross Asset 30.03.2021 Fixed-income markets: from cyclical to structural challenges

Since the start of the year, bond yields have surged in the economies of the G10 as markets anticipate a sharp acceleration in inflation and economic activity. This rebound is likely to be particularly strong in the US given its enormous fiscal stimulus plan. In the medium term, opinion is divided concerning the post-Covid crisis macroeconomic trajectory and a possible change in the inflation regime in the US.

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Monthly Cross Asset 3.03.2021 An expected improvement in corporate fundamentals bodes well for bondholders

We expect business fundamentals to improve in the coming months, especially for low-rated companies.

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 Why we don’t expect the Fed to taper its bond buying programme this year

In a world where sovereign bond yields are in the hand of central banks,

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Monthly Cross Asset 1.12.2020 Heading into 2021, what do we think about credit markets?

Heading into 2021, what do we think about credit markets?

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.10.2020 Fixed income dynamics in the current monetary and fiscal landscape

Fixed income dynamics in the current monetary and fiscal landscape

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