Insights Paper 23.08.2021 European commercial real estate: play the re-opening with quality assets

The European economy is emerging from its worst economic slump since the Great Depression. As the vaccine rollout progresses quickly across the continent, mitigation measures and travel bans are being lifted, allowing growth to revive.

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2021.08 - Slider - ESG Thema 2
Thematic Paper 9.08.2021 ESG Thema #2 - EU Fit for 55 package

The EU formally adopted in June its new objective of cutting the bloc’s greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 versus 1990.

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.07.2021 The price of self-sufficiency

The disruption of global supply chains has been a wakeup call for the European Union. For years, the principle of an open and free Single Market has led to a massive transfer of industrial production and outsourcing mainly to Asia.

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Monthly Cross Asset 8.04.2021 You asked, we answered

Our Global Views team attempts to answer some of the questions often asked by our clients.

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Insights Paper 13.01.2021 European insurers: the case for going global in the credit allocation

In the hunt for yield, some years ago European investors started to allocate part of their credit exposure to dollar assets.

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Monthly Cross Asset 1.12.2020 Q3 2020 reporting season surprised on the positive side

Q3 2020 reporting season surprised on the positive side

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Discussion Paper 16.11.2020 Europe, US and China tomorrow: Will it be possible to avoid geopolitical and economic traps?

There are many pitfalls looming.

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.10.2020 You asked, we answer

Our Global Views team attempts to answer some of the questions often asked by our clients.

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Monthly Cross Asset 3.09.2020 An earnings season better than expected but the valuation issue has not yet been resolved?

There was a substantial decline in Q2 earnings but they turned out to be better than expected

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