Monthly Cross Asset 2.07.2021 Housing boom: what are the consequences for monetary policy?

Despite the Covid economic shock, house prices have continued to rise in most advanced economies, and are also increasing rapidly in some emerging economies. Th...

More 5 to 10 minutes
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Monthly Cross Asset 2.06.2021 NGEU soon to be rolled out: the EU has (almost) done its part; now com...

In leading the way to NGEU, the Covid crisis may have marked a crucial milestone in European construction.

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Thematic Paper 26.04.2021 Shifts & Narratives #2 - Inflation: something deep awakens

One year ago, as the Covid-19 crisis had just begun, we wrote about its potential inflation implications from both a cyclical and a structural standpoint.

More > 10 minutes
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Monthly Cross Asset 8.04.2021 You asked, we answered

Our Global Views team attempts to answer some of the questions often asked by our clients.

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crypto vignette
Insights Paper 24.03.2021 Crypto-currencies: a bubble or the emergence of a new paradigm in dece...

The proliferation of crypto-currencies (CCs) and the popularity of these assets among investors has led us to question their nature, function, valuation and pot...

More > 10 minutes
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Monthly Cross Asset 3.03.2021 Covid, productivity and long-term growth: further secular stagnation o...

While the spectacular Covid shock may easily lead to exaggerate extrapolations, it cannot be ruled out that it will matter for long-term productivity and growth...

More 5 to 10 minutes
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2021-02-CA-Thematic New money-Slider
Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 New money and maybe new powers too: Central Bank Digital Currencies ar...

The motivations for CBDC projects vary quite a lot across countries

More 5 to 10 minutes
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2021-01-thematic global views-Euro
Monthly Cross Asset 12.01.2021 Is the Euro's rise a sign of greater resilience?

The complexity and fragility of European institutions have contributed to maintaining a specific political risk premium on European assets, including the euro.

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2021-01-IV-brexit deal-1280x400
Investment Talks 5.01.2021 A thin and last-minute Brexit deal should give temporary relief to UK ...

The deal: the core of the deal is a zero-tariff/zero-quota free trade agreement for goods, but trade will be affected by new non-tariff barriers such as customs...

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