Payment habits have evolved dramatically over the last few decades. The use of cash has been shrinking for some time, but this phenomenon was rapidly accelerated by the Covid crisis. In parallel, technological advances have seen the use of digital currencies become more popular amongst consumers and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin become household names. In response to this dramatic rise in the use of decentralised money, many central banks have been exploring the launch of their own central bank digital currencies (CBDC).

Join Swaha Pattanaik and Tristan Perrier, Macroeconomist & Investment Insights Specialist with the Amundi Investment Institute, as they delve into the world of CBDCs. What are they exactly and why are they being developed? They take a closer look at the development of CBDCs around the world and examine some of the risks and implications of this type of digital currency, as well as their potential benefits. 

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RC - Swaha Pattanaik
Head of Publishing and Digital Strategy, Amundi Investment Institute
RC - Author - PERRIER Tristan
Macroeconomist & Investment Insights Specialist, Amundi Investment Institute