Monthly Cross Asset 2.06.2021 First quarter 2021 results: a far better-than-expected rebound that au...

Corporate results rebounded in Q1 2021 to a surprising extent everywhere and are likely to continue doing so beyond 2021. This could mean a new, earnings-driven...

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2021-02-Cross Asset-Slider
Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 2021 investment case in equities and how Japan fits into it

Although the global recovery began to be priced in last year

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Thematic Paper 15.12.2020 The day after #13 - How will Central Banks impact the equity markets i...

Interest rates are at an all-time low, and even if inflation eventually picks up, it could take some time.

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.10.2020 Japan: Policy continuity expected under Suganomics

Japan: Policy continuity expected under Suganomics

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Insights Paper 28.04.2020 Covid-19 will redesign sector opportunities amid gradual normalisation...

The spread of coronavirus in Europe and the United States triggered a worldwide stock market crash in March, followed by a partial rebound.

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Insights Paper 17.01.2020 Economic resilience, Fed and elections to drive US markets in 2020

2019 proved a strong year for US assets, with US equity markets recording the strongest annual total return since 2013 and the US aggregate bond index up almost...

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2020-01-IP-Europe value
Insights Paper 8.01.2020 Time for a flight to cyclical value in European equity

When we look fundamentally at the risks and rewards in equity markets for 2020, we find that value offers better opportunities than growth as implied expectatio...

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Asset Class Views 5.08.2019 Global Asset Class Spotlights Top Down Quarterly Assessment - Q3 2019

Central banks seems to be very concerned about the slowdown in the economic cycle sparked by trade tensions.

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Asset Class Views 29.04.2019 Global Asset Class Spotlights - Top Down Quarterly Assessment - Q2 201...

Market recovery in Q2 closed fundamentals mispricing

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