For many, September has a back to school feel about it after a long break and is often the chance for a bit of a refresh. This summer, markets certainly weren’t on holiday, as August saw corrections and volatility, whilst there was also further softening in economic data, particularly in Europe and China. 

Swaha Pattanaik and Monica Defend, Head of Amundi Investment Institute, catch-up to discuss the key economic developments that emerged over the summer and the outlook for the next few months. How will policymakers react as they continue to balance fighting inflation against economic slowdown? Is the resilience seen in the US likely to continue and what are the growth and inflation expectations for the major global economies? They also examine what these forecasts would imply for portfolios across the different asset classes. 

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Amundi Global Investment Views
Global Investment Views - September 2023


RC - Author - DEFEND Monica
Head of Amundi Investment Institute & Chief Strategist, Member of Amundi’s Executive Committee
RC - Swaha Pattanaik
Head of Publishing and Digital Strategy, Amundi Investment Institute