Thematic Paper 2.03.2023 Crypto crunch: what’s next?

Cryptocurrencies have had a good start to 2023.The asset class is still in its infancy and prone to extreme volatility, but the real challenge is that the underlying blockchain technologies will soon need to cease being merely 'promising' and start delivering large-scale key services to the real economy.

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crypto vignette
Insights Paper 17.02.2022 Crypto-currencies: a bubble or the emergence of a new paradigm in decentralised finance?

The proliferation of crypto-currencies (CCs) and the popularity of these assets among investors has led us to question their nature, function, valuation and potential development. CCs are at the crossroads of technological innovation, finance and monetary policy.

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  • 221
Research Center - Can stablecoins bring major disruption to the financial system?
Monthly Cross Asset 2.11.2021 Can stablecoins bring major disruption to the financial system?

More directly than other types of cryptocurrencies, the rapidly growing stablecoins may soon bring new opportunities and risks to payments and finance.

More 5 to 10 minutes
2021-02-CA-Thematic New money-Slider
Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 New money and maybe new powers too: Central Bank Digital Currencies are coming

The motivations for CBDC projects vary quite a lot across countries

More 5 to 10 minutes
  • 78
Discussion Paper 27.01.2020 Fiat Money vs. Cryptocurrencies / Private vs. Public digital currencies?

The first part of this study analysed the competition between USD, RMB and EURO and presented the challenges for China and Europe to develop a genuine international currencies, having the capacity to compete with the USD.

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  • 24
Discussion Paper 27.01.2020 FX wars vs. currency wars / USD vs. EUR vs. RMB vs. ?

FX wars vs. currency pars / USD vs. EUR vs. RMB vs. ?

More > 10 minutes
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