Investment Talks 21.03.2023 A global assessment of the implications of recent banking sector developments

Assessment of the recent developments related to the banks turmoil and their impact on the economic outlook, central banks, credit, equity banking sectors, Emerging Markets and overall cross asset investment stance.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Investment Talks 16.03.2023 European banking sector set to withstand Credit Suisse fragility

Assessment of the recent developments regarding Credit Suisse with views on the European banking sector.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Investment Talks 14.03.2023 No systemic risk from SVB failure, but watch out for areas of vulnerability

Assessment of the SVB failure and its effects on the banking sector, the financial system and possible impact on central banks policy.

More 5 to 10 minutes
  • 30
Thematic Paper 2.03.2022 Shifts & Narratives #14 - Russia conflict marks a further step in the road back to the ‘70s

Understanding the long-term implications of the Russian-Ukraine conflict in the regime shift in course.

More > 10 minutes
Working Paper 15.11.2012 Alternative Inflation Hedging Portfolio Strategies: Going Forward under Immoderate Macroeconomics

Gone are the days when inflation fears had receded under years of “Great Moderation” in macroeconomics.

More > 10 minutes
  • 16
Working Paper 15.03.2012 No contagion, only globalisation and flight to quality

In this article, tests for globalization and contagion are separated using an ex ante definition of crises, and contagion tests are neutralized with respect to globalization effects

More > 10 minutes
  • 12

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