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Monthly Cross Asset 2.07.2021 DM monetary policies are at a crossroads

Central banks have put in place ultra-accommodative monetary policiesto support economies during the Covid crisis.

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.06.2021 A post-Covid structural change in developed markets: the strong politi...

What matters to fixed income investors is the macro-financial environment that will prevail after the strong rebound in growth and inflation expected in H2.

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Monthly Cross Asset 30.03.2021 Fixed-income markets: from cyclical to structural challenges

Since the start of the year, bond yields have surged in the economies of the G10 as markets anticipate a sharp acceleration in inflation and economic activity. ...

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 Why we don’t expect the Fed to taper its bond buying programme this ye...

In a world where sovereign bond yields are in the hand of central banks,

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.10.2020 Fixed income dynamics in the current monetary and fiscal landscape

Fixed income dynamics in the current monetary and fiscal landscape

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Monthly Cross Asset 30.04.2020 Thematics Views - May 2020

Over the last few weeks, significant stabilisation plans have been announced across advanced economies and in addition true stimulus plans are now under conside...

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Asset Class Views 6.08.2019 Asset Class Return Forecasts - Q3 - 2019

We expect economic growth to evolve around potential for most developed economies in 2020. It could subsequently decrease below potential in 2021 driven by a de...

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Asset Class Views 5.08.2019 Global Asset Class Spotlights Top Down Quarterly Assessment - Q3 2019

Central banks seems to be very concerned about the slowdown in the economic cycle sparked by trade tensions.

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Asset Class Views 10.05.2019 Asset Class Return Forecasts - Q2 - 2019

This document includes the perspective of Amundi on asset returns used to build reference portfolios for our institutional clients.

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