Geopolitics has become an ever increasing concern for financial markets over the past few years. Fractures and shifts in alliances are transforming the global economy and trade relationships.

Swaha Pattanaik sits down with Anna Rosenberg, Amundi’s Head of Geopolitics, and Francesco Sandrini, Amundi’s Head of Multi-Asset Strategies to discuss whether we’ve now reached a “new normal” and what some of the implications will be for investment flows both now and in the years ahead. They take a closer look at the pivotal relationship between the world’s two biggest economies, the USA and China, and examine how trade has evolved, particularly in terms of exploiting natural resources. Find out which sectors and geographies will be most impacted by the evolving relationships and who will be the overall winners and losers in this geopolitical struggle.

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Geopolitical shifts and investment implications
Geopolitical shifts and investment implications


RC - Swaha Pattanaik
Head of Publishing and Digital Strategy, Amundi Investment Institute
RC - Author - ROSENBERG Anna
Head of Geopolitics, Amundi Investment Institute
Head of Multi-Asset Strategies