Emerging Markets

Why investors should look at Indian assets
Insights Paper 6.04.2021 Why investors should look at Indian assets

Domestic demand, ‘Make in India’, and possible inclusion in fixed income indices

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Monthly Cross Asset 3.03.2021 China and EM: growth and policy Q&A

Our emerging markets strategists attempt to answer some of the questions often asked by our clients.

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2021-02-Cross Asset-Slider
Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 2021 investment case in equities and how Japan fits into it

Although the global recovery began to be priced in last year

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Monthly Cross Asset 4.11.2020 Addressing the legacy of the crisis in the EM: the right policy mix in an uneven recovery

The duration of the epidemic will ultimately determine the shape of recovery.

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2020-05 - EM green bond report
Report 5.05.2020 Emerging Market Green Bonds - Report 2019

Momentum Builds as Nascent Markets Grow

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Monthly Cross Asset 30.04.2020 Thematics Views - May 2020

Over the last few weeks, significant stabilisation plans have been announced across advanced economies and in addition true stimulus plans are now under consideration.

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Pension Funds letter
Letter 24.07.2019 Amundi Pension Funds Letter n°7

As long-term investors, Pension Funds need to find new distinct ways to invest and rethink the full potential of their growth bucket as a flexible opportunity to deal with the uncertain, regulated and challenging environment they are facing.

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Discussion Paper 1.07.2019 Emerging Markets: Vulnerability and contagion risks... Fragile vs. anti-fragile countries

This article is aimed at analysing contagion within the emerging world in the past decades

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Discussion Paper 1.07.2019 How to differenciate emerging countries? New approaches for classification and typology

Once accepted the idea that the emerging world may behave like a block in period of crises (as the group of advanced countries also does), one must wonder whether one should go beyond that and consider that the emerging world deserves better.

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