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2021.06 - FOMC meeting- Inv Talks - Slider-1390x467
Investment Talks 17.06.2021 June FOMC review: the talk of talk of tapering has begun

At its June meeting, the Fed kept the federal funds rate unchanged, in line with market expectations. However, the markets were a little surprised by the 5 bp h...

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Investment Talks 11.12.2020 The US election and Covid-19 vaccines: implications for the economy an...

The likelihood of a divided US government removes a major potential headwind to the US economy, that is, higher taxes. 

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2020-04-IT-US asset after Covid-Slider
Investment Talks 8.04.2020 A lot of bad news already priced in US assets: a gradual approach to e...

The US economy has entered a recession, induced by the social distancing and quarantining measures introduced to tackle the pandemic crisis.

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Investment Talks 10.03.2020 The Democratic race to nomination and implications for markets

The race to Democratic nomination has boiled down to two candidates now, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders with Biden being the new front runner based on delegate co...

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Investment Talks 2.03.2020 Super Tuesday: why it is important and what to expect for US assets

On 3 March, 14 US states will hold primaries for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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Insights Paper 17.01.2020 Economic resilience, Fed and elections to drive US markets in 2020

2019 proved a strong year for US assets, with US equity markets recording the strongest annual total return since 2013 and the US aggregate bond index up almost...

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Insights Paper 14.11.2018 What lies ahead for the US economy and markets?

The robust performance of the US economy in 2018 has led to the supremacy of US risk assets compared to the rest of the world.

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