Insights Paper 14.10.2021 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - Why EM could be back in focus in 2022

EM ready for a comeback, but volatility will remain high

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Monthly Cross Asset 4.10.2021 Covid headwinds ease as China risks rise

At the time when EMs are navigating towards a healthier environment (Covid cases numbers shifting downward and vaccination rollouts speeding up), China’s selfinduced deceleration is now looming.

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Insights Paper 17.05.2021 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - Navigate the cyclical recovery and ride the long-term opportunities in energy transition and Asia

The global economy should rebound strongly this year from its worst economic slump since the 1930s. However, the growth pattern is expected to be uneven across advanced and emerging economies, hinging critically on the virus cycle and the success of vaccine campaigns.

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2021.04-Emerging Market Green Bonds Report 2020-Slider
Report 19.04.2021 Emerging Market Green Bonds - Report 2020

The third edition of the “Emerging Market Green Bonds Report” highlights the key trends in and outlook for green bond market developments in emerging markets (EMs) in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. The report also provides a broad overview of the policy and regulatory updates that could affect the green bond market.

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Insights Paper 8.02.2021 EM Investment Opportunities for 2021

Global investors are currently dealing with two key challenges: find decent yield for their fixed income portfolios in a world of ultra-low or negative interest rates and access some exposure to growth at a reasonable price.

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Insights Paper 4.12.2020 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - 2021 Outlook and Beyond

The US election outcome and the hopes that the Covid-19 vaccine will be a tangible reality by the end of the year or the beginning of 2021 bode well for a worldwide economic recovery.

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Insights Paper 13.10.2020 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - Market opportunities looking into 2021

The Covid-19 crisis and its impact on the economy (both oil and commodities dynamics and trade) have been the main drivers of the slowdown in emerging markets.

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Insights Paper 23.07.2020 The New Silk Road routes: Why investors should care

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world and its economy to a standstill, highlighting the importance of sustainable and resilient infrastructure (healthcare, water, power, telecommunications).

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Emerging Markets: How to unlock the next wave of returns
Insights Paper 19.05.2020 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - Market dislocation creating long-term opportunities

Two major drivers are shaping the landscape for EM countries: Covid-19 and oil dynamics. We are mindful that current events will have very significant negative effects on the economic outlook for EM this year, leading many countries into recession.

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