LEPETIT Frédéric
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Working Paper 9.03.2023 From Traditional to Sustainable Growth

This article is a 360-degree analysis of the growth investment concept.

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Working Paper 25.02.2022 The Recent Performance of ESG Investing, the Covid-19 Catalyst and the Biden Effect

The purpose of this paper is to appraise recent ESG trends in global equity markets. It contributes to a broader research project started at Amundi in 2014 on the relevance of ESG.

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Working Paper
Working Paper 30.06.2021 Revisiting Quality Investing

In the field of factor investing, quality is undoubtedly the equity factor with the weakest consensus. This research investigates the best way to define it. In order to capture the multi-faceted reality of the factor depicted in academia, we address the quality factor through a multidimensional process by defining four self-reliant pillars: profitability, earnings quality, safety and investment. To better fit institutional investor’s’ needs, we analyze the resulting factor by focusing on the last eighteen years and on a global developed markets universe of liquid stocks (largeand mid-caps).

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Working Paper
Working Paper 26.01.2021 The Market Measure of Carbon Risk and its Impact on the Minimum Variance Portfolio

Like ESG investing, climate change is an important concern for asset managers and owners, and a new challenge for portfolio construction.

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Working Paper 2.11.2020 Corporate ESG News and The Stock Market

Corporate ESG News and The Stock Market

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Working Paper 26.08.2020 Measuring and Managing Carbon Risk in Investment Portfolios

This article studies the impact of carbon risk on stock pricing.

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Insights Paper 3.06.2020 The Coronavirus and ESG Investing, the emergence of the Social pillar

Amundi’s Quantitative Research team has been studying the evolution of ESG investing across asset classes and geographies for the past several years.

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Working Paper 28.05.2020 Trajectory Monitoring in Portfolio Management and Issuer Intentionality Scoring

2°C alignment has become a major issue for climate-aware portfolio management.

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Discussion Paper 13.01.2020 ESG Investing in Recent Years: New Insights from Old Challenges

This research is an update of the study that we published last year (Bennani et al., 2018) and that explored the impact of ESG investing

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