The last month has, to a large extent, seen a reversal in investors’ expectations for central bank actions. This has been the hot topic for financial markets over the past few weeks as these expectations filter down into financial data and continue to drive asset prices. However signs of a slowdown are appearing. What factors will be most important to judge market direction going forward? 

Swaha Pattanaik and Monica Defend, Head of Amundi Investment Institute, discuss the state of play and whether the current market sentiment has changed Amundi’s own views. They talk about what’s driving the interest rate cuts as well as the timing and likely sizes of the cuts in the major global economies. They cover what these changes mean for Amundi’s investment convictions across asset classes and regions, and finish by discussing the FX markets and where investors could look for opportunities.

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Global Investment Views - March 2024


RC - Author - DEFEND Monica
Head of Amundi Investment Institute & Chief Strategist, Member of Amundi’s Executive Committee
RC - Swaha Pattanaik
Head of Publishing and Digital Strategy, Amundi Investment Institute