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Monthly Cross Asset 8.09.2021 Special Europe: investing in the recovery

As the European economy is recovering from the largest economic shock of modern history, we are revising our growth and inflation assumptions to the upside.

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2021.06  - Monthly Cross Asset - First quarter 2021 results
Monthly Cross Asset 2.06.2021 First quarter 2021 results: a far better-than-expected rebound that augurs well for the full year

Corporate results rebounded in Q1 2021 to a surprising extent everywhere and are likely to continue doing so beyond 2021. This could mean a new, earnings-driven phase in the equity market rally.

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Monthly Cross Asset 3.03.2021 Q4 earnings season: an impressive resilience that supports our pro-cyclical views

Given the context, Q4 2020 corporate earnings proved resilient.

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Monthly Cross Asset 1.12.2020 Big Tech at the crossroads...

Big Tech’s stock market performance has become more hesitant.

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Monthly Cross Asset 3.09.2020 An earnings season better than expected but the valuation issue has not yet been resolved?

There was a substantial decline in Q2 earnings but they turned out to be better than expected

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Monthly Cross Asset 27.05.2020 In the wake of first-quarter reporting season, the consensus is probably still too optimistic

At -12% for the S&P 500 in the US and -35% for the Stoxx 600 in Europe, first-quarter results were hit hard by the pandemic, even though it had hardly begun by the end of the quarter.

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Insights Paper 28.04.2020 Covid-19 will redesign sector opportunities amid gradual normalisation and focus on earnings

The spread of coronavirus in Europe and the United States triggered a worldwide stock market crash in March, followed by a partial rebound.

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Monthly Cross Asset 9.03.2020 US and European corporate earnings: after four quarters of stagnation, what is the outlook for 2020?

Fourth quarter 2019 earnings season confirmed the flat trend of the past 12 months. Hardly had 2019 ended than all eyes turned to 2020.

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Discussion Paper 29.10.2019 Buybacks - A multi-perspective review and thoughts on best practices for company buyback policies

Buybacks - A multi-perspective review and thoughts on best practices for company buyback policies

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