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Investment Talks 8.01.2021 Biden and Democrats take control despite Trump protesters

The stunning developments on Capitol Hill will not change the significance of the Georgia election, which will have far-reaching implications

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Investment Talks 25.09.2020 US presidential election: how it will impact US economy and financial markets

US presidential election outcome: Joe Biden has enjoyed a remarkably stable lead in the national polls this year.

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Investment Talks 29.07.2020 Challenges and opportunities in US Commercial Real Estate

Coronavirus is disproportionately affecting different sectors of the US commercial real estate market, and driving major short- and long-term trends that have consequences for investors.

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Investment Talks 15.07.2020 Why USD Fixed Income may look increasingly attractive to European investors

US fixed income can be a valuable source of diversification for European investors, but in the past the cost of hedging of the US Dollar exposure was high, neutralizing this benefit.

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Investment Talks 23.06.2020 Biden's election momentum and financial markets

Joe Biden has a historically large lead over President Donald Trump in the polls, including in the critical electoral college vote, but that could narrow closer to the election.

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2020-04-IT-US asset after Covid-Slider
Investment Talks 8.04.2020 A lot of bad news already priced in US assets: a gradual approach to exploit market dislocations

The US economy has entered a recession, induced by the social distancing and quarantining measures introduced to tackle the pandemic crisis.

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Investment Talks 16.03.2020 US: Covid-19 & Oil Wars Warrant Decisive Action. Fed moves to ease financial stress

Uncertainty surrounding the magnitude and duration of the global health crisis is driving volatility and testing liquidity across the world’s financial markets.

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Investment Talks 4.03.2020 Coronavirus emergency: Fed cuts rates, but markets expect more

The cut and the market reaction: In the first intra-meeting ease since the 2008 crisis, the Fed delivered a 50 basis-point rate cut.

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Insights Paper 17.01.2020 Economic resilience, Fed and elections to drive US markets in 2020

2019 proved a strong year for US assets, with US equity markets recording the strongest annual total return since 2013 and the US aggregate bond index up almost 9.0%. In addition, the past decade proved the best ever for the S&P 500 index, which returned 256% overall, well above its historical average.

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