Discussion Paper 7.06.2021 Inequality: what is at stake (2/4) - Pro-Piketty and Anti-Piketty: A r...

No one is disputing that Piketty’s books are ground-breaking, that his research and his team’s research are fundamental, or that their databases and reports are...

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Discussion Paper 7.06.2021 Inequality: what is at stake (1/4) - Globalisation, growth, financial ...

With the misdeeds of globalisation, the rise in inequalities and the resulting perception of injustice have been subjects that have fuelled many debates for a l...

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Discussion Paper 19.05.2021 Reindustrialisation, interventionism, sovereignty, de-globalisation…Ho...

With the third industrial revolution and the Covid-19 crisis, the world has entered into a period of global transformations. The current industrial revolution s...

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2020-Collected Research papers
Collected Research Paper 18.12.2020 Have a look at our book - 2020 Edition

The book you have in your hands is the 2020 edition of Amundi Research papers.

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Discussion Paper 16.11.2020 Europe, US and China tomorrow: Will it be possible to avoid geopolitic...

There are many pitfalls looming.

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Discussion Paper 27.01.2020 Fiat Money vs. Cryptocurrencies / Private vs. Public digital currencie...

The first part of this study analysed the competition between USD, RMB and EURO and presented the challenges for China and Europe to develop a genuine internati...

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Discussion Paper 27.01.2020 FX wars vs. currency wars / USD vs. EUR vs. RMB vs. ?

FX wars vs. currency pars / USD vs. EUR vs. RMB vs. ?

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Pension Funds letter
Letter 24.07.2019 Amundi Pension Funds Letter n°7

As long-term investors, Pension Funds need to find new distinct ways to invest and rethink the full potential of their growth bucket as a flexible opportunity t...

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Discussion Paper 1.07.2019 Emerging Markets: Vulnerability and contagion risks... Fragile vs. ant...

This article is aimed at analysing contagion within the emerging world in the past decades

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