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Geopolitics & thought leadership

In today’s volatile environment, it is essential to dissect political realities from
political noise, to make better investment decisions

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Head of Geopolitics, Amundi Investment Institute
Anna is the Head of Geopolitics for Amundi Investment Institute. In this role, she helps Amundi and its clients make better investment decisions by understanding ongoing global geopolitical shifts.


Head of Geopolitics, Amundi Investment Institute
RC - Author - ROSENBERG Anna

The team formulates views and scenarios on the relevant geopolitical issues from a European perspective, to help Amundi and its clients make better investment decisions. We support Amundi’s investment platforms and clients through compelling and timely analysis, and contribute to the Amundi Investment Institute’s publications. We:

  • Analyse geopolitical developments and their impacts on the real economy and financial markets;
  • Predict likely political events and evaluate their implications, to improve macro and financial forecasts;
  • Foster relationships with policymakers, think tanks, and public institutions, to anticipate potential changes (in policy and regulation) affecting investment decisions.

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