Investment Talks 22.07.2020 EU agreement: a powerful answer that can lift further EU assets and ESG investing

The agreement reached among EU leaders at the end of the longest European Council in history regarding a comprehensive package worth €1,824bn – including the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Next Generation EU (NGEU) instrument – is a significant achievement and a net positive in the short term for EU assets.

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Investment Talks 1.04.2020 Euro Investment Grade credit reacts to the ECB’s bazooka: selective opportunities

Covid-19 is expected to severely damage the European economy in the coming quarters.

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Pension Funds letter
Letter 12.03.2020 Amundi Pension Funds Letter n°8

Expanding Green Fixed Income Markets: Let’s Do It Now!

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Insights Paper 5.03.2020 Fixed Income: Zero rates do not mean zero returns

As we enter the 2020s, a look back over the previous decade provides a key take-away for investors: a zero-rate environment does not lead to zero performance for bond investors.

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Working Paper 10.02.2020 ESG Investing in Corporate Bonds: Mind the Gap

This research is the companion study of three previous research projects conducted at Amundi that address the issue of socially responsible investing (SRI) in the stock market. The underlying idea of this new study is to explore the impact of ESG investing on asset pricing in the corporate bond market.

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2019-07-Insights paper-fixe income Q3 2019
Insights Paper 16.12.2019 Fixed income: Back to core – Charts and Views - Build a robust 'core' and diversify income sources

The ongoing slowdown in global trade will weaken global GDP growth further in 2020 – especially in advanced economies skewed towards the manufacturing sector – but a full-blown recession is unlikely, in our view.

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Insights Paper 9.12.2019 Screen the Euro fixed income market in the era of three 'lows'

As 2020 approaches, the uncertainty in the market has receded but there are still risks ahead involving macroeconomic, political and technical factors.

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2019-07-Insights paper-fixe income Q3 2019
Insights Paper 25.07.2019 Fixed Income Charts and Views - Q3 2019

A slowdown in global growth, with subdued inflation and dovish central banks (CB) committed to avoiding further economic deceleration, is a trend that, in our view, should remain favourable for bond investors.

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2018-05-insight paper
Insights Paper 9.05.2018 Rethinking fixed income investing when the easy money is coming to an end

Core fixed income allocation, usually comprising high-quality government and corporate bonds, has played a relevant role in diversified portfolios over the last few decades.

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