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Thematic Paper 10.09.2021 Stakeholders in the Just Transition - N°3 Territories and local communities

This third article in our series entitled «Stakeholders in the just transition» highlights the need for financial institutions to integrate the concerns of territories and local communities into their Just Transition strategies.

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Thematic Paper 10.06.2021 Stakeholders in the Just Transition - N°2 Consumers

The objective of a “just transition” was included in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change. It aims to make the transition to low-carbon economies fair to all stakeholders: workers, consumers, local communities, and society at large.

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Thematic Paper 25.05.2021 Stakeholders in the Just Transition - N°1 Integrating workers into Investment and Financing Framework

The notion of “Just Transition” stems from the belief that a transition to a cleaner, more sustainable economy must be conducted in a way that is fair to all stakeholders: workers, consumers, local communities and society at large. In this light, providing decent and quality jobs to workers all along companies’ supply chains will be absolutely critical if we are to successfully embark on a Just Transition. In this regard, the private sector, and more specifically the financial industry, also has a fundamental role to play to ensure that a Just Transition takes place across sectors and industries.

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