Social inequality has become a major issue for investors. Over the 2016-2019 period, the ‘S’ criteria in company selection (via a ‘best in class’ ESG approach) had a real impact on the prices of listed companies, particularly in Europe (Roncalli et al, 2019). A priori, the more a country was mired in inequality before a crisis and especially this one, the more the response could be massive at the end: investors should therefore fully consider this factor in their assessment of the relative economic situation of different countries. 

Listen to Jean-Jacques Barberis, Head of Institutional and Corporate Clients Coverage (Amundi), Bastien Drut, Senior Strategist (CPR AM) and Théophile Pouget-Abadie, Business Solutions and Innovation officer (Amundi) in this new session of Blue Research podcast dedicated to "inequalities". 


RC - Author - BARBERIS Jean-Jacques
Head of Institutional and Corporate Division and ESG, Executive Committee Member
Head of Thematic Macro Strategy, CPR Asset Management
Business Solutions and Innovation