In the short term, the coronavirus pandemic is clearly likely to mean volatility in inflation figures, given factors pulling in opposite directions. In the longer term, and after four decades of low inflation across most economies, a new high-inflation regime may happen.

In light of this, investors will need to reassess their strategic asset allocation to include investments that could help mitigate inflation risk (i.e. real assets, commodities, gold, infrastructure, inflation-linked bonds), but also be ready to tactically readjust their investment decisions based on the inflation outlook.

Listen to Bastien Drut, Senior Strategist at CPR-AM and Tristan Perrier, Global Views Analyst for a deep dive into inflation analysis in our current economical context.


Head of Thematic Macro Strategy, CPR Asset Management
RC - Author - PERRIER Tristan
Macroeconomist & Investment Insights Specialist, Amundi Investment Institute