Performance of ESG investing

ESG & PERFORMANCE - Chapter 2: 2019-2021

Following Covid19 developments and Biden’s election in the US, we updated our analysis on ESG investing and performance covering the 2010-2019 period. In this paper, we demonstrate how some factors including Biden’s election encouraged a deeper ESG integration in North America starting in 2021. At the same time, in Emerging Asia, the ‘G’ pillar has become as important as resilience. For those reasons, collective awareness on ESG topics recently accelerated and ESG clearly became a risk factor. Click on the video to learn more.

ESG & PERFORMANCE - Chapter 1: 2014-2019

In this study conducted end of 2019, we explain how the relationship between ESG and performance is dynamic. As focus pillars differ depending on investment zones, ESG became a source of outperformance from 2014 to 2019 both in Europe and North America. Particularly, ‘G’ was the winning pillar in Europe until 2017, whereas the ‘E’ pillar gained popularity in the US. Likewise, stocks and bonds react differently to ESG investments. Lastly, ESG investment strategies are also dynamic. Click on the video to know more.


In this video recorded in April of 2021, we explain how the “E” pillar became a clear outperformer. Even though some transition and/or physical risks still exist, we show how Amundi’s tools, methodologies and measures can help reduce them. Moreover, we also found that the green bond “premium” is negative compared to other regular bonds, which means becoming greener is an opportunity, and not a risk. Click on the video to learn more.


In this video, we explain how the Covid19 crisis recently shifted focus on the ‘S’ pillar. According to our previous studies, this pillar faced a turning point in 2014 and also proved to be a clear factor for resilience in equities. Click on the video to know more.

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