Asset Class Views 4.11.2022 Asset Class Returns Forecasts - Q4 2022

Check the quartely update of the Amundi's medium to long-term expected returns on various asset classes.

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RC - Thematic Paper - Articulation
Thematic Paper 6.09.2022 Articulating asset allocation across different time horizons

Understanding how to articulate asset allocation across different time horizons.

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Asset Class Views 16.05.2022 Asset Class Return Forecasts - Q2 2022

The continuing surging inflation due to the supply shocks and the Ukrainian conflict have dominated headlines compounding to the possible repercussions surrounding climate change, further affecting economic and financial indicators in the medium term and beyond.

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Insights Paper 5.05.2022 Setting your investment objectives: institutional asset allocation practice

Understanding the factors that contribute to setting investment objectives in the Investment Policy Statement.

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RC-2022.03-Asset Class Views-slider
Asset Class Views 25.03.2022 Asset Classes Views: Keeping up with climate change

In the most recent edition of Amundi’s Asset Class Views, we perform an in-depth analysis of the implications of climate mitigation and Net Zero transition in the financial markets and climate risk-aware portfolios.

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Asset Class Views 9.11.2021 Asset Class Return Forecasts - Q4 2021

As we enter the tail end of the Covid-19 recovery boost, authorities in developed markets are seeking to implement fiscal packages of varying degrees to control the eventual economic cool down.

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Asset Class Views 5.08.2021 Asset Class Return Forecasts - Q3 - 2021

The first half of 2021 has been witness to exceptional growth in demand fueled in large part fiscal stimulus and waning Covid-related restrictions.

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Asset Class Views 7.05.2021 Asset Class Return Forecasts - Q2 - 2021

With vaccination programs worldwide well underway, the spotlight has shifted now to the nature of the economic recovery.

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2021.03 - TP- Climing the hill-Slider
Asset Class Views 12.03.2021 Asset Classes Views: Climbing the hill

Medium to long-term scenarios and return forecasts

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