Regime shift
Pension Funds letter
Letter 20.07.2022 Amundi Pension Funds Letter n°15

As holidaymakers resume their familiar summer breaks and crowds return to the Champs-Elysées to cheer on the final stage of the 2022 Tour de France, elsewhere established customs and trends seem less secure.

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Investment Outlook 17.11.2021 2022 Investment Outlook - Investing in the great transformation

As the global economy recovers from its pandemic scars and inflation makes its first comeback in decades, the world is preparing to face its greatest ever challenges: the energy transition to fight the inexorable climate crisis and the development of an inclusive growth model.

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Thematic Paper 1.10.2021 Shifts & Narratives #9 - Adapting equity portfolios to a regime of higher inflation

The return of inflation is clearly one of the top themes of 2021 and the post-pandemic economic revival.

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Shifts & Narratives #5 - Regime shifts
Thematic Paper 8.06.2021 Shifts & Narratives #5 - A unique crisis that opens the way to multiple regime shifts

The Covid-19 crisis is exceptional in many ways. It is the most serious health crisis since the Spanish flu a century ago. This crisis resulted in an unprecedented contraction of activity in 2020 and in the deepest global recession since World War II. However, this recession has been the shortest and was not accompanied by a financial crisis thanks to fiscal and monetary policy responses, which have cushioned the economic shock. The exceptional measures put in place aim to buy the time needed to emerge from the health crisis.

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Thematic Paper 9.04.2021 Shifts & Narratives #1 - Do not give up on fundamental valuations

Today, most investors are at a loss regarding what to think of the notion of value and valuations and, even most importantly, how to use it in portfolio construction.

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2021.03 - IP- Fundamental-Slider
Insights Paper 8.03.2021 Do not give up on fundamental valuations

Something has to give in a regime shift. Be prepared, there will be opportunities for value investors.

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Thematic Paper 4.05.2020 The day after #1 - Covid-19: the invisible hand pointing investors down the road to the 70s

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic is shaking the financial industry like never before.

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Insights Paper 11.06.2019 The Road Back to the 70s Implications for Investors

History shows that the economy and financial markets are dominated by long-term regimes that at some point come to a break point, where one regime gives way to a new one. This shift may not be easy to detect.

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