Foreign exchange
Thematic Paper 30.09.2022 Upheaval in the global FX regime

The energy and inflation crises have uncovered cracks in the long-standing global foreign exchange regime. A new approach to currency management is required to face the immediate challenges, and the rise of an alternative regime.

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Compass 30.09.2022 Global foreign exchange regime faces winds of change

Dollar strength is causing strains, even in developed countries like Japan and Britain. Countries will have to intervene to fix misalignments in currency markets.

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Monthly Cross Asset 11.07.2022 Renminbi’s rise will not challenge dollar dominance

A sharp economic slowdown seems to be looming in both Europe and the US, which would make bond markets attractive again, especially in the US. Conversely, the Chinese economy is expected to reaccelerate.

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2021.10 - Shifts & Narratives #10 - Slider-1390x467
Thematic Paper 15.10.2021 Shifts & Narratives #10 - China is finally emerging from the US’s shadow

Today, with developed market equities highly correlated and bond yields remaining subdued, investors are searching for other sources of income. In this respect, China’s assets could prove to be a useful diversifier for global portfolios, as they are likely to become increasingly independent from US ones.

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Working Paper 17.12.2015 Towards Greater Diversification in Central Bank Reserves

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