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Asset Class Return Forecasts - Q4 - 2020

Quarterly Asset Class Return Forecasts


As noted in our previous reports the much-awaited global recovery from the onset of Covid-19 is facing significant headwinds. As the fallout from the crisis becomes clearer in scope and view, ensuing challenges remain daunting. The interplay between the factors will continue to evolve having an effect in the short and medium-term, the monitoring of these relationships will remain at the forefront of future communications.

Since our last update, monetary authorities have taken the task of maintaining the ultra-low rates in the near future and have reinforced it by projecting low rates in the medium term, while leaving the door open for further interventions pending upcoming events. On the fiscal side, speculations regarding the relief packages are not considered in our assumptions.

DEFEND Monica , Global Head of Research
GISIMUNDO Viviana , Deputy Head of Institutional Advisory
KIM MOON Jung Hun , Quantitative Analyst –Institutional Advisory
PORTELLI Lorenzo , Head of Cross Asset Research

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Asset Class Return Forecasts - Q4 - 2020
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