Regime shift

Shifts & Narratives #5 - Regime shifts
Thematic Paper 8.06.2021 Shifts & Narratives #5 - A unique crisis that opens the way to multipl...

The Covid-19 crisis is exceptional in many ways. It is the most serious health crisis since the Spanish flu a century ago. This crisis resulted in an unpreceden...

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Thematic Paper 9.04.2021 Shifts & Narratives #1 - Do not give up on fundamental valuations

Today, most investors are at a loss regarding what to think of the notion of value and valuations and, even most importantly, how to use it in portfolio constru...

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2021.03 - IP- Fundamental-Slider
Insights Paper 8.03.2021 Do not give up on fundamental valuations

Something has to give in a regime shift. Be prepared, there will be opportunities for value investors.

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Thematic Paper 4.05.2020 The day after #1 - Covid-19: the invisible hand pointing investors dow...

Without a doubt, the Covid-19 pandemic is shaking the financial industry like never before.

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Insights Paper 11.06.2019 The Road Back to the 70s Implications for Investors

History shows that the economy and financial markets are dominated by long-term regimes that at some point come to a break point, where one regime gives way to ...

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