Monthly Cross Asset 2.06.2021 NGEU soon to be rolled out: the EU has (almost) done its part; now com...

In leading the way to NGEU, the Covid crisis may have marked a crucial milestone in European construction.

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Global Investment Views 26.05.2021 Global Investment Views - June 2021

Inflation has remained dormant for a long time, with years of below-target and weak inflation, but we are now reaching a delicate juncture where inflation is ta...

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Thematic Paper 26.04.2021 Shifts & Narratives #2 - Inflation: something deep awakens

One year ago, as the Covid-19 crisis had just begun, we wrote about its potential inflation implications from both a cyclical and a structural standpoint.

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Insights Paper 31.03.2021 How hot is the inflation pot? Strategies to protect portfolios from in...

As the global economy emerges from its worst slump since the 1930s, we envisage plenty of inflation fertilisers at stake, especially in the United States. Infla...

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Monthly Cross Asset 4.11.2020 Write hard and clear about what hurts

Economists have frequently used the alphabet to characterize the profile of the recovery.

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