Real Assets

Insights Paper 6.04.2021 Allocating to real and alternative assets: a framework for institution...

Institutional investors have significantly increased their allocation to real and alternative assets, such as private equity, real estate, infrastructure and pr...

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private debt
Insights Paper 25.02.2021 Investing in post-Covid-19 European private debt markets: focus on sel...

Private debt markets have grown rapidly since the Great Financial Crisis (GFC), with global assets under management (AuM) tripling, from $275bn in 2009 to over ...

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Investment Talks 16.12.2020 Private markets: a strong value proposition that may emerge reinforced...

Private markets: The Covid-19 crisis has caused significant disruption in private markets, but investor appetite for real assets stays unabated.

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Investment Talks 29.07.2020 Challenges and opportunities in US Commercial Real Estate

Coronavirus is disproportionately affecting different sectors of the US commercial real estate market, and driving major short- and long-term trends that have c...

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Insights Paper 17.06.2020 Covid-19: short-term pain, long-term opportunities for European commer...

The Covid-19 crisis now appears to be deeper and more widespread than initially estimated by financial markets, and it is placing a huge strain on the global ec...

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