Real Assets

Insights Paper 6.09.2021 Real assets favoured in a post-Covid-19 world, but higher fragmentatio...

While the fallout from the pandemic has accelerated several long-term trends, it has also given rise to some misguided expectations. The crisis has paved the wa...

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Insights Paper 23.08.2021 European commercial real estate: play the re-opening with quality asse...

The European economy is emerging from its worst economic slump since the Great Depression. As the vaccine rollout progresses quickly across the continent, mitig...

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.07.2021 Housing boom: what are the consequences for monetary policy?

Despite the Covid economic shock, house prices have continued to rise in most advanced economies, and are also increasing rapidly in some emerging economies. Th...

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Insights Paper 6.04.2021 Allocating to real and alternative assets: a framework for institution...

Institutional investors have significantly increased their allocation to real and alternative assets, such as private equity, real estate, infrastructure and pr...

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private debt
Insights Paper 25.02.2021 Investing in post-Covid-19 European private debt markets: focus on sel...

Private debt markets have grown rapidly since the Great Financial Crisis (GFC), with global assets under management (AuM) tripling, from $275bn in 2009 to over ...

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Investment Talks 16.12.2020 Private markets: a strong value proposition that may emerge reinforced...

Private markets: The Covid-19 crisis has caused significant disruption in private markets, but investor appetite for real assets stays unabated.

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Investment Talks 29.07.2020 Challenges and opportunities in US Commercial Real Estate

Coronavirus is disproportionately affecting different sectors of the US commercial real estate market, and driving major short- and long-term trends that have c...

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Insights Paper 17.06.2020 Covid-19: short-term pain, long-term opportunities for European commer...

The Covid-19 crisis now appears to be deeper and more widespread than initially estimated by financial markets, and it is placing a huge strain on the global ec...

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