Quantitative Easing

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 Supply vs demand of EMU EGB in 2021

QE potential to absorb the supply of sovereign debt looks strong in 2021.

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Monthly Cross Asset 3.09.2020 Eurozone government bonds a supportive mix of remarkable funding progr...

70% and 80% of overall gross and net EZ sovereign supply, respectively, estimated for all of 2020 was placed in the first seven months of the year

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Report 3.12.2019 Quantitative easing: the end of the road for pension investors?

Has central banks’ Quantitative Easing (QE) been a blessing or a curse for investors?

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Thematic Paper 16.02.2018 The improvement of peripheral bonds' fundamentals has accelerated

Two events pushed down Eurozone sovereign spreads in 2017: the French presidential election in April & May, which dissipated investors’ fears about Eurosceptic ...

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