Monetary policy

Monthly Cross Asset 2.07.2021 Housing boom: what are the consequences for monetary policy?

Despite the Covid economic shock, house prices have continued to rise in most advanced economies, and are also increasing rapidly in some emerging economies. Th...

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.07.2021 DM monetary policies are at a crossroads

Central banks have put in place ultra-accommodative monetary policiesto support economies during the Covid crisis.

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.07.2021 EM monetary policies normalisation as the low tide is getting higher

The monetary policy conditions in the emerging markets are still definitely dovish.

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2021.06 - FOMC meeting- Inv Talks - Slider-1390x467
Investment Talks 17.06.2021 June FOMC review: the talk of talk of tapering has begun

At its June meeting, the Fed kept the federal funds rate unchanged, in line with market expectations. However, the markets were a little surprised by the 5 bp h...

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Monthly Cross Asset 3.03.2021 China and EM: growth and policy Q&A

Our emerging markets strategists attempt to answer some of the questions often asked by our clients.

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 New money and maybe new powers too: Central Bank Digital Currencies ar...

The motivations for CBDC projects vary quite a lot across countries

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 Taper or not taper: a key issue for markets

The Fed is committed to maintaining very accommodative monetary conditions

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Monthly Cross Asset 2.02.2021 Why we don’t expect the Fed to taper its bond buying programme this ye...

In a world where sovereign bond yields are in the hand of central banks,

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Thematic Paper 15.12.2020 The day after #13 - How will Central Banks impact the equity markets i...

Interest rates are at an all-time low, and even if inflation eventually picks up, it could take some time.

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