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Reallocating savings to investment: The new role of asset managers

The essential

Corporate investment: twofold challenge - growth and jobs

  • How did we get here?
  • Technological changes and innovations

How can we get out of this situation of low investment/growth? The role of asset managers

  • Government strategies
  • Reallocate savings to investment: a key challenge for growth
  • Asset managers and stimulating investment: a new role


Amundi Discussion Papers Series - February 2015



The “Great Recession” brought significant changes into stark relief: declining returns from factors in production as well as technological innovation and productive investment insufficient to drive future growth. Investing in future economic growth often means investing in moderate-sized projects and companies. What is needed first and foremost is i) for savings to be better allocated in terms of supports vehicles, in order to favour long-term investment and “risky” assets. In this sense, taxation and education are essential contributions; ii) for savings flows to circulated better at the European level in order to better direct excess savings from the North toward investment deficits in the South.


Asset managers, who manage private and institutional savings, are naturally at the hub of these financial channels and play a major role between (domestic and foreign) investors’ (domestic and foreign) yield return needs and (small and large) companies’ (small and large) investment needs. It is therefore crucial that companies developing new technologies are not held back by a lack of understanding of their activities, by inadequate regulatory frameworks or by allocating too little capital. It is in this last point where the contribution from asset managers is found.

PERRIER Yves , Chief Executive Officer, Amundi

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Reallocating savings to investment: The new role of asset managers
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