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Equity markets: Flows by asset class : the two faces of 2016


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The year 2016 will go down as a period with two distinct phases. Until the election of Donald Trump, asset flows were characterised by a threefold rupture from the trends seen from 2013 to 2015: global inflows became negative for the first time since 2011, bonds once again overtook equities, and flows into the emerging economies regained momentum. The surprise victory of Donald Trump reshuffled the cards, with US equities in particular making a strong comeback and emerging equities suddenly losing their appeal.


While the next few months may prove volatile in light of the recent market exuberance, in the longer term we should see a continuation of higher growth accompanied by stronger inflation. Asset allocation should be relatively aggressive, especially since, given a favourable tax situation, profit growth should lead to some positive surprises in 2017.


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January 2017


Janvier 2017


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WANE Ibra , Equity Strategy
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Equity markets: Flows by asset class : the two faces of 2016
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