Fixed Income
Monthly Cross Asset 2.06.2021 A post-Covid structural change in developed markets: the strong political will to invest in the US

What matters to fixed income investors is the macro-financial environment that will prevail after the strong rebound in growth and inflation expected in H2.

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Monthly Cross Asset 5.05.2021 A deep dive into ECB stimulus and its support for Euro fixed-income markets

March saw ECB increasing its PEPP purchases and injecting higher than expected liquidity through a successful TLTRO tender. In this piece, our analysis dives into QE recently published figures, demand/supply balance of Euro fixed-income markets and PEPP expected trends. ECB’s role is going to remain prominent in supporting both sovereign and corporate debt.

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Insights Paper 13.04.2021 Temperature scores: an innovative tool for ESG fundamental investors

2021 will be a pivotal year to curb climate change.

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Monthly Cross Asset 30.03.2021 Fixed-income markets: from cyclical to structural challenges

Since the start of the year, bond yields have surged in the economies of the G10 as markets anticipate a sharp acceleration in inflation and economic activity. This rebound is likely to be particularly strong in the US given its enormous fiscal stimulus plan. In the medium term, opinion is divided concerning the post-Covid crisis macroeconomic trajectory and a possible change in the inflation regime in the US.

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Monthly Cross Asset 30.03.2021 Speculative grade default cycle: an earlier peak and an expected benign trend

Extraordinary policy intervention has made this HY default cycle unusually short-lived, helping to limit quite significantly the rise in defaults among mid- and high-rated speculative grade companies. A turn into a more benign falling trend over the next quarters looks likely, in light of improved macro perspectives, expected progress in vaccinations and encouraging signals from financial drivers.

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Investment Talks 15.07.2020 Why USD Fixed Income may look increasingly attractive to European investors

US fixed income can be a valuable source of diversification for European investors, but in the past the cost of hedging of the US Dollar exposure was high, neutralizing this benefit.

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Insights Paper 22.04.2020 Revisiting the global high yield outlook in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Global HY markets sold off aggressively between February and March in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the oil price war and the liquidity freeze in some markets.

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Insights Paper 5.03.2020 Fixed Income: Zero rates do not mean zero returns

As we enter the 2020s, a look back over the previous decade provides a key take-away for investors: a zero-rate environment does not lead to zero performance for bond investors.

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Insights Paper 21.02.2020 Global high yield outlook: Be confident, but not complacent

Last year was a strong year for global bond markets, which were supported by the accommodative stance of the main central banks and strong investor demand. US, European and EM high yield (HY) bonds all returned more than 14% swapped into US dollars.

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