Fixed Income

Monthly Cross Asset 5.05.2021 A deep dive into ECB stimulus and its support for Euro fixed-income ma...

March saw ECB increasing its PEPP purchases and injecting higher than expected liquidity through a successful TLTRO tender. In this piece, our analysis dives in...

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Insights Paper 13.04.2021 Temperature scores: an innovative tool for ESG fundamental investors

2021 will be a pivotal year to curb climate change.

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Monthly Cross Asset 30.03.2021 Fixed-income markets: from cyclical to structural challenges

Since the start of the year, bond yields have surged in the economies of the G10 as markets anticipate a sharp acceleration in inflation and economic activity. ...

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Monthly Cross Asset 30.03.2021 Speculative grade default cycle: an earlier peak and an expected benig...

Extraordinary policy intervention has made this HY default cycle unusually short-lived, helping to limit quite significantly the rise in defaults among mid- and...

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Investment Talks 15.07.2020 Why USD Fixed Income may look increasingly attractive to European inve...

US fixed income can be a valuable source of diversification for European investors, but in the past the cost of hedging of the US Dollar exposure was high, neut...

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Insights Paper 22.04.2020 Revisiting the global high yield outlook in the wake of the COVID-19 p...

Global HY markets sold off aggressively between February and March in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, the oil price war and the liquidity freeze in some mark...

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Insights Paper 5.03.2020 Fixed Income: Zero rates do not mean zero returns

As we enter the 2020s, a look back over the previous decade provides a key take-away for investors: a zero-rate environment does not lead to zero performance fo...

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Insights Paper 21.02.2020 Global high yield outlook: Be confident, but not complacent

Last year was a strong year for global bond markets, which were supported by the accommodative stance of the main central banks and strong investor demand. US, ...

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2019-07-Insights paper-fixe income Q3 2019
Insights Paper 16.12.2019 Fixed income: Back to core – Charts and Views - Build a robust 'core' ...

The ongoing slowdown in global trade will weaken global GDP growth further in 2020 – especially in advanced economies skewed towards the manufacturing sector – ...

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