Investment Talks 29.03.2021 European equity value has further to go in this cycle

Initiated in April based on a cheap quality cyclical stock rebound, the value rotation in Europe has accelerated, favouring deep value names – the segment most impacted by the Covid- 19 crisis – in early November, after the announcement of the development of an effective vaccine. Since the beginning of this year, we are in the third stage, led by financials and banks in particular, supported by higher rates and inflation expectations. This means that the rotation is broadening.

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US Value
Insights Paper 9.03.2021 The unique time for US value: rotation from growth plus innovation, quality and ESG improvement

The rotation towards value is a key theme of our 2021 investment outlook.

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Insights Paper 27.07.2020 The Case for US Equities in Global Portfolios

The post-pandemic market reality accentuates the attractiveness of the US stock market.

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2020-07-IP-time to play Slider
Insights Paper 10.07.2020 Time to play a cyclical recovery in European equity

Cyclical conditions are turning more positive for Europe.

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Insights Paper 28.04.2020 Covid-19 will redesign sector opportunities amid gradual normalisation and focus on earnings

The spread of coronavirus in Europe and the United States triggered a worldwide stock market crash in March, followed by a partial rebound.

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2020-01-IP-Europe value
Insights Paper 8.01.2020 Time for a flight to cyclical value in European equity

When we look fundamentally at the risks and rewards in equity markets for 2020, we find that value offers better opportunities than growth as implied expectations are lower and therefore more attractive for value at this point.

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Insights Paper 14.11.2018 What lies ahead for the US economy and markets?

The robust performance of the US economy in 2018 has led to the supremacy of US risk assets compared to the rest of the world.

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Thematic Paper 22.10.2018 Corporate earnings in 2019: A fading momentum is in store!

After two years of strong earnings momentum, EPS growth is expected to decline considerably from 2019.

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Insights Paper 20.09.2018 European Equity: Combining value and quality in this new market phase

We believe we have entered a mature stage of the financial cycle amid central bank monetary policy normalisation (more advanced in the US) and decelerating economic growth globally.

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