Emerging Markets

Monthly Cross Asset 3.03.2021 China and EM: growth and policy Q&A

Our emerging markets strategists attempt to answer some of the questions often asked by our clients.

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2021-02-Blue paper-EM-invest-Slider
Insights Paper 8.02.2021 EM Investment Opportunities for 2021

Global investors are currently dealing with two key challenges: find decent yield for their fixed income portfolios in a world of ultra-low or negative interest rates and access some exposure to growth at a reasonable price.

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Insights Paper 4.12.2020 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - 2021 Outlook and Beyond

The US election outcome and the hopes that the Covid-19 vaccine will be a tangible reality by the end of the year or the beginning of 2021 bode well for a worldwide economic recovery.

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Insights Paper 13.10.2020 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - Market opportunities looking into 2021

The Covid-19 crisis and its impact on the economy (both oil and commodities dynamics and trade) have been the main drivers of the slowdown in emerging markets.

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Insights Paper 23.07.2020 The New Silk Road routes: Why investors should care

The global outbreak of Covid-19 has brought the world and its economy to a standstill, highlighting the importance of sustainable and resilient infrastructure (healthcare, water, power, telecommunications).

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Emerging Markets: How to unlock the next wave of returns
Insights Paper 19.05.2020 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - Market dislocation creating long-term opportunities

Two major drivers are shaping the landscape for EM countries: Covid-19 and oil dynamics. We are mindful that current events will have very significant negative effects on the economic outlook for EM this year, leading many countries into recession.

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Investment Talks 17.04.2020 Coronavirus crisis: impacts and implications for emerging markets

After the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak in China and East Asia, and the second wave in Western Europe and North America, a third wave now looks to be building in several EM and frontier countries.

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Emerging Markets: How to unlock the next wave of returns
Insights Paper 29.10.2019 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - A tug of war between weaker growth and looser policies

Emerging economies have faced a backlash in the last few months as a consequence of the global economic weakness and the uncertainty related to global trade.

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Emerging Markets: How to unlock the next wave of returns
Insights Paper 5.08.2019 Emerging Markets Charts & Views - Finding a balance between easing central banks and an uncertain scenario

The recent dovishness from the Fed, a benign inflation environment and the easing in global financial conditions continue to support a goldilocks environment for Emerging Markets (EM) assets.

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