Emerging Markets
Monthly Cross Asset 2.12.2022 Lula is back and already scoring goals

Lula netted a goal in Egypt at COP27 in the fight against climate change.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Monthly Cross Asset 2.12.2022 China housing policy: better late than never

The latest support measures the Chinese government announced on housing have sought to re-establish lifelines for struggling developers, clarifying that credit forbearance would not be considered as stepping on the red lines.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Monthly Cross Asset 7.11.2022 Where is China heading to?

China’s cyclical recovery outlook hinges critically on developments in Covid-19 policy. Housing will become less of a drag as the sector manages an L-shaped landing.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Research Center - 2022.10 - Emerging Markets Charts and Views - EM investing after the great repricing
Insights Paper 27.10.2022 Emerging Markets Charts and Views - EM investing after the great repricing

Emerging Markets investing after the great repricing

More > 10 minutes
Monthly Cross Asset 12.10.2022 Relaxed financial markets look at Lula’s comeback

The first electoral round was won by former President Lula. However, the incumbent, Bolsonaro, performed better than expected.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Monthly Cross Asset 12.09.2022 LatAm elections cycles wrapping up: politics and policy transitions in full swing of uncertainty

LatAm’s dramatic elections calendar that landed three leftist presidents in the Andean region might be two-thirds over, but the political and policy uncertainty created by these election results is far from it.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Monthly Cross Asset 12.09.2022 Taiwan: depicting the unthinkable

Russia’s recent invasion of Ukraine has focused investors’ minds on the Taiwan issue and the People’s Republic of China’s potential approach to it.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Monthly Cross Asset 11.07.2022 The emerging markets hurdles

While not envisaging any systemic risk propagating across emerging markets, the macro financial outlook remains challenging amid growth concerns, still-high inflation and tighter global financial conditions.

More 5 to 10 minutes
RC - 2022.05 - Thematic-2 -slider
Monthly Cross Asset 6.05.2022 Hold tight for the Chinese demand shock: faith over fear

The extended lockdown in Shanghai and other cities have shattered market confidence, sending Chinese equity market down again over the month.

More 5 to 10 minutes

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