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Investment Talks 22.07.2020 EU agreement: a powerful answer that can lift further EU assets and ESG investing

The agreement reached among EU leaders at the end of the longest European Council in history regarding a comprehensive package worth €1,824bn – including the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) and the Next Generation EU (NGEU) instrument – is a significant achievement and a net positive in the short term for EU assets.

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Investment Talks 20.05.2020 Focus on Italy: macroeconomic and fixed income scenario

The global background and Italy: if we wanted to characterise the contraction and recovery pattern, we would probably describe it as a ‘long U-shaped’ recovery; in other words, as a gradual normalisation which will take some time before seeing a return to pre-crisis levels.

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Thematic Paper 6.05.2020 Emergency fiscal programs: no choice but to increase the (monetized) deficits

The large fiscal packages announced by governments to counter the virus crisis aim, so far, at stabilization more than stimulus. In addition to funding the emergency response to the virus situation itself, these packages intend to prevent a worsening of the crisis through the financial and household income channels.

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Investment Talks 17.04.2020 Coronavirus crisis: impacts and implications for emerging markets

After the first wave of the Covid-19 outbreak in China and East Asia, and the second wave in Western Europe and North America, a third wave now looks to be building in several EM and frontier countries.

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Investment Talks 10.04.2020 Playing the possible sequence of market normalization gradually and selectively

As the Covid-19 virus spreads, investors can assess the potential sequence of market opportunities that will emerge from the crisis.

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Investment Talks 8.04.2020 A lot of bad news already priced in US assets: a gradual approach to exploit market dislocations

The US economy has entered a recession, induced by the social distancing and quarantining measures introduced to tackle the pandemic crisis.

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Investment Talks 1.04.2020 Euro Investment Grade credit reacts to the ECB’s bazooka: selective opportunities

Covid-19 is expected to severely damage the European economy in the coming quarters.

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Investment Talks 25.03.2020 In search of the bottom in the Covid-19 crisis

In this unprecedented time of high uncertainty from a sanitary and economic perspective, the different drivers at play are moving in different directions.

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Investment Talks 19.03.2020 Policy action at the next level, but markets still in search of a 'real' catalyst

Where we stand in the crisis and what to watch: Investors have moved from underestimating the severity of the crisis (buoyant markets) to a full global escalation (with the US joining emergency measures) that has led to market disruption and over-reaction.

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