Economy & Markets
Monthly Cross Asset 5.04.2022 Market Scenarios and Risks - April 2022

We keep the narratives and the probabilities of our central and alternative scenario unchanged versus last month. The war in Ukraine could evolve in several ways over the coming weeks (see Ukraine crisis tree) with significant implications on economic and financial markets

More < 5 minutes
RC - 2022.04 - Insight Paper
Insights Paper 1.04.2022 When artificial intelligence meets economy: an analysis of the Ukraine war

Understanding how artificial intelligence could help analyse the current state of the international situation in order to provide some projections on the future.

More > 10 minutes
Investment Talks 17.03.2022 15-16 March FOMC review: we have full throttle lift off

Understanding the outcome of the March FOMC meeting and its market implications

More 5 to 10 minutes
RC - 2022 - market story inflation - Paer wall - EN
Insights Paper 9.02.2022 Inflation is starting to burn - Strategies to protect portfolios from inflation risk

Understanding our key convictions and portfolio implications on inflation trends ahead

More 5 to 10 minutes
Insights Paper 7.02.2022 Emerging Markets Charts and Views - Reasons for cautious optimism in 2022

Emerging Markets Charts and Views - Reasons for cautious optimism in 2022

More > 10 minutes
RC - 2022-01 - Invitation talks
Investment Talks 28.01.2022 25-26 January FOMC review : giving the all clear for March hike

Overall, the statement was largely consistent with investor and market expectations.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Discussion Paper 18.01.2022 Money and its velocity matter: the great comeback of the quantity equation of money in an era of regime shift

Understanding the linkage between money velocity, psychology of inflation in the regime shift, and consequence for investors.

More > 10 minutes
Insights Paper 13.01.2022 Resilient multi-asset portfolios in an inflationary regime

Understanding how the Amundi Inflation Phazer tool works and how it could be useful in predicting prevailing inflation regimes and adjusting multi-asset portfolios.

More > 10 minutes
Global Investment Views 23.12.2021 Global Investment Views - January 2022

The GIV document elaborates on the latest views, convictions and outlook of our Global CIOs, different Investment Platforms and Macro-Strategy teams.

More > 10 minutes

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