The Day After
Thematic Paper 15.12.2020 The day after #13 - How will Central Banks impact the equity markets in the post-Covid world?

Interest rates are at an all-time low, and even if inflation eventually picks up, it could take some time.

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Thematic Paper 30.11.2020 The day after #3 - Covid-19 crisis and the ESG transformation of the asset management industry

The Covid-19 crisis -- which unleashed an economic and financial shock of unprecedented magnitude -- has impacted businesses in a variety of ways.

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Thematic Paper 21.10.2020 The day after #12 - Changing shares of labour and capital incomes: what implications for investors?

The share of national income that is distributed to labour vs. capital has fallen to historically low levels in several advanced economies, such as the United States and the United Kingdom.

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2021.05 - TDA #11- slider
Thematic Paper 22.09.2020 The day after #11 - Post-crisis narratives that will drive financial markets

Today, investors have a unique opportunity to observe the spreading of a real virus alongside the viral nature of financial markets and the real economy.

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Thematic Paper 20.07.2020 The day after #10 - Rethinking the macro and cross-asset research: what we have learned from the Covid-19 crisis

Crises create disruption and Covid-19 is no exception, bringing new complexities, new opportunities and new risks to the investment landscape.

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Thematic Paper 6.07.2020 The day after #9 - Covid-19 crisis, a catalyst for change and strengthening the EU

The Conference on the Future of Europe, planned earlier this year, will probably open in September in a very different context than initially expected. Who will chair it and whether a new treaty for the union will be on the agenda remains unclear, but the need to address repositioning Europe post the Covid-19 pandemic is clear.

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Thematic Paper 23.06.2020 The day after #8 - Deglobalisation could improve diversification but also exacerbate financial contagion

In recent years world trade dynamics have definitely shown an accentuated inversion of the globalisation trend and its robust contribution to global economic performance. The Great Financial Crisis (GFC) marked a historic turning point in the degree of global economic integration.

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Thematic Paper 16.06.2020 The day after #7 - Climate change post Covid-19: A crisis at a crossroad

This year was supposed to be the year in the fight against climate change. Instead, 2020 has become the year of the coronavirus pandemic.

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Thematic Paper 9.06.2020 The day after #6 - Inflation: persistent headwinds but a possible inflationary cocktail

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, all eyes have been on the unfolding health catastrophe and the consequences of confinement: economies halted, exploding rates of unemployment (in particular in the United States), and rising debt levels. In this extraordinary context, inflation is often overlooked.

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