Climate change

Working Paper 3.06.2021 Measuring and Pricing Cyclone-Related Physical Risk under Changing Cli...

We propose a statistical methodology to quantify the financial implications of tropical cyclone-related physical risks implied by climate change.

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2021.05-Shifts & Narratives #3-Slider-1390x467
Thematic Paper 19.05.2021 Shifts & Narratives #3 - The ‘make it or break it moment’: why investo...

The Conference of the Parties (COP)26 in Glasgow has been hailed as a turning point in the global fight regarding climate change amid a new US administration an...

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Insights Paper 13.04.2021 Temperature scores: an innovative tool for ESG fundamental investors

2021 will be a pivotal year to curb climate change.

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Working Paper
Working Paper 26.01.2021 The Market Measure of Carbon Risk and its Impact on the Minimum Varian...

Like ESG investing, climate change is an important concern for asset managers and owners, and a new challenge for portfolio construction.

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Insights Paper 15.12.2020 Sustainability-linked bonds: nascent opportunities for ESG investing

Since the creation of green bonds, many new labels have emerged, including social bonds, sustainability bonds, and recently transition bonds, not to mention wat...

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Insights Paper 11.12.2020 Responsible investing expands further with green convertible bonds

While investors have been aware of the merits of investing responsibly for a long time, the Covid-19 crisis is likely to increase the focus on ESG principles, w...

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Working Paper 9.09.2020 Climate change investment framework

This paper presents a simple holistic approach to build climate risk-resilient investment portfolios based on the three key objectives of the Paris Agreement...

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Working Paper 26.08.2020 Measuring and Managing Carbon Risk in Investment Portfolios

This article studies the impact of carbon risk on stock pricing.

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Thematic Paper 16.06.2020 The day after #7 - Climate change post Covid-19: A crisis at a crossro...

This year was supposed to be the year in the fight against climate change. Instead, 2020 has become the year of the coronavirus pandemic.

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