Central Banks
RC - 2022.04 - Inv-Talks - Fed-behind-the-curve - cover
Investment Talks 27.04.2022 Adding to the debate: “Is the Fed behind the curve"?

Interpretation on the view that the Fed is "behind the curve" from Fed official and investment implications associated with the statement.

More 5 to 10 minutes
RC - 2022.04 - ECB strikes a somewhat dovish tone...
Investment Talks 15.04.2022 ECB strikes a somewhat dovish tone, despite inflation remaining top priority

We expect QE to end in Q3, as announced, followed by rate normalisation, which is likely to lift rates out of negative territory over the next few months, with two hikes before year-end, followed by another in Q1 2023

More > 10 minutes
ECB QE Monitor 14.04.2022 ECB QE Monitor - April 2022

The Eurosystem started its QE in March 2015

More 5 to 10 minutes
ECB QE Monitor-Vignette-600x40
ECB QE Monitor 17.03.2022 ECB QE Monitor - March 2022

The Eurosystem started its QE in March 2015

More 5 to 10 minutes
Investment Talks 17.03.2022 15-16 March FOMC review: we have full throttle lift off

Understanding the outcome of the March FOMC meeting and its market implications

More 5 to 10 minutes
crypto vignette
Insights Paper 17.02.2022 Crypto-currencies: a bubble or the emergence of a new paradigm in decentralised finance?

The proliferation of crypto-currencies (CCs) and the popularity of these assets among investors has led us to question their nature, function, valuation and potential development. CCs are at the crossroads of technological innovation, finance and monetary policy.

More > 10 minutes
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ECB QE Monitor-Vignette-600x40
ECB QE Monitor 14.02.2022 ECB QE Monitor - February 2022

Our convictions: We will closely monitor the evolution of the global picture in the Eurozone. We will watch closely: (1) the risks of a second round effect in countries such as Germany and (2) the impact of the ECB's monetary policy on financing conditions.

More 5 to 10 minutes
RC - 2022-01 - Invitation talks
Investment Talks 28.01.2022 25-26 January FOMC review : giving the all clear for March hike

Overall, the statement was largely consistent with investor and market expectations.

More 5 to 10 minutes
Thematic Paper 18.01.2022 Shifts & Narratives #13 - Money and psychology of inflation: an investor view

Understanding the linkage between money velocity, psychology of inflation in the regime shift, and consequence for investors.

More 5 to 10 minutes

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