Thematic Paper 2.03.2023 Crypto crunch: what’s next?

Cryptocurrencies have had a good start to 2023.The asset class is still in its infancy and prone to extreme volatility, but the real challenge is that the underlying blockchain technologies will soon need to cease being merely 'promising' and start delivering large-scale key services to the real economy.

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RC - 2022 - 09 - Working Paper - Slider
Working Paper 1.03.2023 Time Series Forecasting with Transformer Models and application for Asset Management

Since its introduction in 2017 (Vaswani et al., 2017), the Transformer model has excelled in a wide range of tasks involving natural language processing and computer vision. We investigate the Transformer model to address an important sequence learning problem in finance: time series forecasting.

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Global Investment Views 24.02.2023 Global Investment Views - March 2023

The GIV document elaborates on the latest views, convictions and outlook of our Global CIOs, different Investment Platforms and Macro-Strategy teams.

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Thematic Paper 20.02.2023 A year of war in Ukraine: accelerating the energy transition and fragmentation

The war in Ukraine has had a marked impact on the global economy, redrawing national and international priorities. Investors need agility to cope with increased fragmentation and a faster green transition.

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Thematic Paper 10.02.2023 Italy: where prudence meets potential

As the largest beneficiary of the Next Generation EU post-pandemic reconstruction plan, Italy has a unique opportunity to modernise its economy through structural reforms, generating new opportunities for investors.

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Thematic Paper 8.02.2023 Currency hedging policy for institutions

Understanding fundamentals and implications of currency hedging for global portfolios, both on a tactical and strategic basis.

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Monthly Cross Asset 8.02.2023 Macroeconomic Picture - February 2023

Macroeconomic Picture by area and Macro and Market forecast.

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Monthly Cross Asset 8.02.2023 Market Scenarios and Risks - February 2023

We revise the probabilities of our alternative scenarios. Some of the risk factors we identify may occur in our central scenario, which is probably not yet fully priced in, especially by equity markets.

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Monthly Cross Asset 8.02.2023 Why and what if inflation falls faster than expected?

High inflation has not triggered a wage-price spiral in the advanced economies. Monetary tightening has contained inflation expectations and a continued firm stance will bring down inflation, possibly faster than expected.

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