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AWS...The hidden face of Amazon

The IT infrastructure world is undergoing an unprecedented revolution. With the services offered by the Amazon group (AWS), businesses have access to enormous processing and storage capacity without having to invest in their own data centres or own their own servers, and the time spent managing their IT infrastructure is reduced to a minimum.

There are many advantages, including fully elastic capacity that meets their development needs in real time; costs that are reduced and stretched to fi t actual use; and continuous hardware and software upgrades, especially for cyber security. Initially popular with new companies in the internet sphere, adoption of AWS-type services is growing and has now spread to large, established corporations. Players like Netflix are going so far as to base their entire IT architecture on the one offered by Amazon. AWS is so successful that this little-known division has become a huge growth engine for the group in terms of revenue. Most significantly, it now makes up more than half of operating profits for the undisputed e-commerce champion. In the medium term, the issue of Amazon’s dominance on this market may legitimately be raised even as alternatives like IBM and Microsoft ramp up.


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AWS...The hidden face of Amazon
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