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Cross Asset Investment Strategy - June 2017







Our convictions


This month’s topic: Can global trade become an engine of growth with consumption, investment and fiscal and tax policies?

Can global trade, which has declined sharply over the past decade, contribute to accelerating growth with consumption, investment and fiscal and tax policies? Not sure, given the structural headwinds.


Summary tables

Risk Factors

Macroeconomic picture

Macroeconomic and financial forecasts


United States

The position of the United States in the credit cycle calls for caution


Focus: The credit conditions survey of top US banks conducted by the Fed (Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey) reveals a less optimistic scenario


Are US Corporations at risk ? Where do we stand in the US credit cycle?


Focus: Spending in this cycle has been driven by M&A and share buybacks

Focus: Credit cycle



Monetary Policy

How the Bank of England sees the Brexit


Focus: Early elections on 8 June


Emerging Markets

Rally on emerging assets and decrease in commodity prices: a cause for concern?



China: is financial deleveraging a concern for investors?


Equity Markets

Lessons learned from the Q1 2017 earnings season


Sectorial Highlight

Biosimilars - Now a reality even for complex biologics

Amundi Research

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Cross Asset Investment Strategy - June 2017
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