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Cross Asset Investment Strategy - February 2017






Our convictions

This month's topic

Long-term rates: a regime shift, a fluctuation band shift?

The rise in long-term  interest rates raises a crucial question: is it a change in regime, a change in level, or a correction within a band of fluctuation that will remain low? The purpose of this article is to answer this question.

Summary tables

Risk Factors

Macroeconomic picture

Macroeconomic and financial forecasts




Will inflation be back in the eurozone in 2017?


Focus: The spillover of energy price fluctuations to other sectors and currency effects could have contradictory effects on core inflation in 2017.




The pound’s trajectory in uncertain times


Donald Trump: a strong dollar policy in spite of himself

Bond markets


Breakeven inflation rates and nominal yields: analysis of current and upcoming pressures


Corporate bonds

What should your position on the credit markets be in the wake of Trump?



HY default rates: 2016 review and 2017 outlook



Do long-term macro factors matter when investing in China?


Amundi Research

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Cross Asset Investment Strategy - February 2017
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